Where are the Jobs?

By Meheshnehawn Carswell

Elected on a jobs platform, retirement age, private sector, jobs forecast, fuel costs, monthly jobs numbers, unemployed, underemployed, self employed, jobs benefits, pension benefits, GDP, jobs bills, work week, infrastructure, jobs training, graduation rates, immigration, health care, child care, drop out rates, work from home, entrepreneurs, green technologies, jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs, I’m sick of it! Where are these damn jobs?

We say and hear all these things ad nauseam.  They seem somehow related.  We think that we understand it all but, we are both daunted and confused by the magnitude of it all…sadly easily confused. The truth appears to be in there somewhere but we need some help that we can trust to really make sense of it all. So where do we go for assistance? The news media? Politicians?  The internet? The guy at the barber shop? I know, my bartender!

It could be about where you look and not who you listen to. Maybe it’s about college or is it IT? Oil and gas exploration has got to be it because they’re taking all my money and I know that I’m not by myself, so there has got to be something there. No, no… that all takes too long or requires special skills. Maybe it’s some small business?  No I have no cash, nor am I likely to do something criminal.

I’ll tell you where it looks like the dough is really being raked in.  Television advertising. I do not have no research staff so numbers are going to be in short supply here.  With just a whiff and I can tell that they must be ready to make a real killing if they aren’t already. If any of what I have heard is to be believed, there have been collectively tens of millions spent in the recent primary races, with a projection of hundreds of millions yet to go. It will be full tilt from the “big daddy” fat cats between now and the convention in Tampa in August. All that doesn’t take into account the alleged billion with a “B” that the current president is supposed to “have to” raise to even be viable as an incumbent for the election this fall. None of this even begins to look into any of the other myriad of contests for the rest of national government not to mention all the state, county, and city races across the country.

Think about this for just a second.  There are elections every year all across the country. Every year without let up for the foreseeable future. This has got to be bigger than all of pro sports and illegal drug sales combined! This would seem to my small tired brain to be the investment opportunity of a lifetime. I’d better get my grand kids into English composition or marketing right now.

Who stands to get all this money?  Surely one would see some evidence of it sticking out somewhere. OK let me see, I know sports both college and professional cranks out the money. I know that Madison Avenue has been shelling out big bucks for years. I also know that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision regarding the “Citizens United” case gave birth to the “Super PAC”. That unleashed the beast of corporations pouring unlimited cash into politics, which turns into ad dollars for broadcasters. So it’s got to be TV, right?

I vaguely remember that Senator John McCain had some kind of low power radio act back in the nineties that was supposed to be for the “little guy” but it was either defeated or dropped somehow. I also remember that President Reagan signed some kind of legislation back in the eighties that reduced media ownership from 181 nationwide to about 8 nowadays. So, somebody in television has got to be making a real killing right now, with a good outlook to be doing so for a while to come. So forget hammer and nails, and later for the brokers. I’m thinking that I got to start investing in TV stocks because, that looks like where the jobs are going to be coming from for a long while.



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