Curious Notions: An Indictment of Serial Rape

By Meheshnehawn Carswell

Unfortunately I am compelled to point A Curious Notion at an active crime in progress. I know on the face of it the sound is completely alarmist but, to be in the active view of a crime being perpetrated can be horrifying, and to know that the victim is in expectation of its annual perpetration should in fact raise an alarm to anyone with a functioning brain. I’d like to take this to a deeper level. I believe that any criminologist will readily state, the way to get more resolution on this is to get into the pathology and motive of the act especially in the case of serial actors. The thing that is especially jarring is the two pronged aspects of both the magnitude and the wholesale indiscriminate nature of its occurrence. Not to mention the malevolent and malicious reasonings that I believe are basis in its motive for it being done. This is aggravated by the glaring fact that the victims in this case not only have come to expect it seasonally but that the victims themselves possess the power not only to take the “perps” to task but, to end their victimization completely.

There is a phenomenon that exists in human beings called Stockholm Syndrome. It is proscribed as an occurrence in which a hostage in the case for which it is named, identifies with or becomes sympathetic to the actions taken by the terrorist. In further cases it becomes an associative state where the victim is indifferent to the abusive things that are being done to them and others. I have to consider this in realizing the ubiquitous, repetitive and seasonal nature of the occurrences. It is correct to apply the term sycophantic to a set of circumstances in which not only do the victims know the time of year every year, that the action will be visited upon them but, that it will be increasing somewhat precipitously in both severity and pervasiveness season to season.

To accuse a person of rape is a very serious crime no doubt. In addition to make the victims complicit takes me into even more dangerous waters. I am not playing with these words. Also in using these words I by no means intend to undermine the egregious horror of sexual rape for there are those very near and dear to me that have been victimized in this way. I understand the long term and debilitating aspects of that kind of personal violation. What I am trying to illustrate in this profoundly graphic manner is not the act itself but, the deeper hidden way that it is despicably being used in such a desperate fashion as behavior modification or more to the point as retributive punishment upon other innocent victims. All of this is with the single focus of removing one man from a job.

Now if you love sleuthing, as some do, one would want to assemble clues as to not only “who” but, “what” and, “why” specifically “what” is to be gained. This is what makes this such a difficult thing to fathom. Of course there is money being gained as it is our collective wallets and to a larger extent the American economy that is being so heinously assaulted but, in the face of historic profits, the capital gains do not appear to me to be the basis of the motive. As I said earlier all of this pain and misery is initiated with the singular intent of driving down the fragile state of the economic recovery “such as it is”, in order to affect an otherwise clueless populace in such a negative fashion that it will bring about the ouster of the sitting national chief executive without leaving any readily visible residual fingerprints as to identity of the true manipulators.

The extent of this massive manipulation is staggering. It not only includes the amount of production of a commodity but, financial markets, industrial production, and pricing structures across an incredible amount of vastly different industries. All of this is not to mention the associative effects upon the psychology of its truly innocent victims, that being the American electorate.

In these hard times one would ask two questions of this industry. The first being; with such a mild winter nationally where is the raw material that was set aside for home heating oil production? Secondly; with record profits having been made for close to a decade and the consolidation down to so few players would it not be “treasonous profiteering” to be committing such a “rape” of the nation?

I strongly believe that the epilogue of the scenario is this; the petroleum producing industry is purposely spiking domestic gasoline prices and again passing it off on nameless “speculators” in the face of reduced public demand and increased domestic production knowing full well its kinetic ability to effect the broader national economy with the specific desire that its cumulative effect will be so negative as to affect a change in the current national administration. The industry is also fully aware that no national chief executive of any stripe has anything more than the symbolic trickery of the national petroleum reserve, which is meant for national defense purposes, to effect prices. When inquires are finally made in their direction the typical response tends to be either that “there hasn’t been new refining capacity built in the United States in thirty plus years”, or that the U.S. oil prices are effected by the global oil markets which are being driven by the peak demand of India and China.

This incredible nonsense is contrasted by the fact that no other industry knowingly facing this type of long term volatility would not be taking proactive steps to stabilize while raking in such extraordinary profits and screaming to protect huge tax breaks and government subsidies.

I can only conclude that all of their actions are indeed intentional and being done in the most malicious fashion possible with the active intent of indiscriminate punishment upon the innocent consumer. This type of action fits the legal definition of malice of forethought, and can easily be seen as multiple counts of an aggravated assault, a “rape of the American pocketbook”.

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