A Curious Notion: Whose Side is “Big Pharma” On?

 An Op-Ed by: Mesesh Carswell

It seems to me, yet another Curious Notion that the pharmaceutical industry, the recipients of such a bountiful gift from the G.W. Bush administration; “The Prescription Drug” bill, is an industry that has a battalion of full time lobbyists. Why wouldn’t they be “pulling the coat tails”, of the current crop of Republican presidential candidates and state legislators to quietly but forcefully make mention two immutable facts.

One being that women are the predominate gender in this country and on this planet and they usually vote. The second is; not only do they tend to be the driving force behind most of the health choices of the average American family but, that the pharmaceutical companies receive a great deal of income making products specifically for women, one of the most commonly available are contraception products.

While there appears to be no argument that upwards of 95% of all women will use contraception at some point for either family planning or for specific medical care. Income from these sales helps to provide a vast amount of reliable political contributions from their industry. These contributions are the life blood of increasingly expensive campaigns for public office. It seems counterintuitive for these folks to be making such a national spectacle of this issue. It renders one to ask whose side are they on.

I tend to wallow around in Byzantinely complex, nebulous and nuanced issues in the course of searching for things to fill this column and I don’t usually shy away from convolution but, I really I am having difficulty finding the rational for these actions, especially now.

If it is in fact true, that the current president was elected with a significantly large percentage of the aforementioned demographic. It would appear to behoove the opposition to be in a concerted effort to persuade and woo women to their side, not attack and “piss them all collectively off”. Again I ask where is “Big Pharma’s” voice in all this, and what benefit is there in remaining so conspicuously silent.

Surely, there are women working diligently in their manufacturing plants. I’d also like to believe that there are outstanding women sitting in senior management suites of their companies and on their corporate boards of directors. I can also envision women being frugal holders of their stocks. Why then is a gentle yet firm hand not wrenching them away from such an obviously foolish set of actions?

The ridiculous “aspirin between the knees” comment uttered mindlessly from the principle donor of the “Super PAC” of a current Republican presidential contender, will likely “live in infamy” with women in November especially the women that came of age in the 50’s and 60’s when liberation against the age old sexual stigmas were first being fought out in front of the nation. This does not begin to include consideration of the reactions of a younger social media savvy generation of women that have come of age since that time. These are young women that have never known a time without reproductive choices.

All of these facts bring three well known things into sharp relief. Primarily that; women will talk about things that concern them exclusively and that the conversations range over things not often considered by most males. This is another dreadful reminder of the ancient adage that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

            Anyone that has been in any type of long term relationship with a modern American woman can easily attest to the fact that regardless of their apparent silence, they may forgive but, they do not forget slights easily or quickly.

I invite you to also consider in closing, the foreboding ramifications of the speed and volume of funds raised for Planned Parenthood in the latest controversy, and how it was brought to bear. It remains quite likely given the latest collective reaction of women to the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s hastily misguided decision, and its subsequent reversal that republican politicians will not be the only ones subject to punitive actions by the “fairer sex” this coming fall.

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