Meet our Newest Contributor…the MADD one.

MADDmarlon is not your average artist.   Born and raised  in Boston Massachusetts, his artistic beginnings started in church, and admiring the visual works of his older cousins. From there he morphed his madness for the arts.  As Marlon matured artistically, he  sought out professional instruction in both visual and musical arts, when he attended a high school for the visual and performing arts.  There he was introduced to a whole new way of aesthetically viewing and appreciating music and visual art, as well as being influenced by the sounds and colors of his environment.

When Marlon is not working his job, he has headphones in his ears and is jamming away to the latest electro house mix, most likely attracting unwanted/unashamed attention from little old ladies driving old ugly Volvo’s.  OR  you will find him parked in an empty parking lot with his graffiti black book either sketching, or writing songs.  Marlon is passionate about all  forms of art, however, he focuses mainly on music out of Atlanta Georgia.  He plans to change this in the near future, but for now he produces the most original, unique, eclectic music incorporating his inspirations from ALL genres, all styles, and all artist.  He along with music partner KN make what is known as Noise Color Music (soon to come Ep). Stay tuned for album reviews, music news and commentary as soon as he returns from the loony bin; after all  he  is MADDmarlon.


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