Meet Our Newest Contributor: Verlyn Simpson aka The Plan Man!

So, what’s your Plan? – A New Cyndacation Blog Category Written By Verlyn Simpson

My good friend Verl Simpson, is an experienced business man who has dedicated his life to making a difference for people.  His commitment to the success of the people he works with is amazing!  After 15 years of watching his evolution, I asked him to join the Cyndacation discussion, because he has expertise in something we all need, wealth management advice and business planing services.  He is also the head of an international event management company.  In addition to being one of my dearest friends, he is among my most trusted allies.  Verl is a big reason Cyndacation exists and it is with total excitement that I introduce him to you.

Verl is excited to blog about our new category:  So What’s Your Plan?   In this category, he’ll be sharing information on the importance of having a plan to achieve any goal you desire. Regardless of your goal, be it financial or material, how you go about achieving that goal requires a plan of some sort. There is nothing material that has been made –  not the chair that you’re sitting on, the clothes you’re wearing or the computer that you’re using to read this blog –  that didn’t first start with a thought or idea, and through the implementation of a plan materialized into the article you know it to be today.

Though the area of emphasis of this section will be finance and business development, I will certainly give space for other areas of personal development. You may have desires to live a more spiritual life or a more healthy physical condition.  What gets you from where you are to where you want to be, simply put, is a plan.

So, what’s your Plan?

One Response to “Meet Our Newest Contributor: Verlyn Simpson aka The Plan Man!”
  1. darrell says:

    Very talant,very educated man..


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