I Don’t “Get Art” sometimes part One (tilting ones head sideways)

Nearly a month ago I was in Manhattan New York for business, and I was  awe-struck by everything, as if I’ve never been to the city before.  Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, I knew what city life was like, but this was on a whole other scale.  Visual and audio stimuli was the very heart bead of New York, and the best part was that  she never slowed down.   If she did it was to the tempo of the bachata music playing  in the bodega across the street at 4 am .

I had some free time to get to know Miss New York some more, so spontaneously  I grabbed a camera and walked around capturing New York at her finest.  This is the outcome.


The Light

I have never received any professional training. I was just always told, I have an “eye”

Some would say that photographers are not  true artist, because they have not used one drop of paint or any other traditional art utensil. Photography for me is about capturing the perfect image  as a visual representation of time and examining ones environment , and its aesthetic value. So why then do people produce work like this and call it art?…



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