I Don’t “Get Art” Sometimes (Tilting One’s Head Sideways) Part Two

Since my last post about a month ago, I’ve had some serious neck pains.  At first I  thought I was just me sleeping bad ( the little sleep that I do get), until one night I was watching TV, and I slightly tilted my head to listen to a commercial jingles that peaked my interest.  I then could feel the strain in my neck.  I never contentiously realized that  my head would slowly fall into this position when something catches my eye or ear.  I dash to the nearests mirror, just to see how truly redonkulous* I looked.


A nonsensical mix of the words ridiculous and donkey. Causing or worthy of extreme ridicule, broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce. Very silly and or deserving to be laughed at; That which excites laughter; Scornful pity.

(MJ’s man in the mirror begins to play)

Is this neck contorting thing a normal reaction for me?  How long have I been doing this?  and most importantly How far am I from becoming the uppity bourgeoisie negro art gallery type.  Kinda like this guy:

With cold water splashed on my face, I stared into the mirror tilting my head to the left, and to the right, trying to determine which side makes me look like less like idiot, because I probably do this tilting thing in public. The least that I can do is SWAGGAfie it some, and make it work.  After about a minute, I realized that I will always try, (key word) TRY to find depth in meaning in  things that were ment to be art as well as the things that weren’t.  Even the pieces that consist of a freshly dropped turd with a cocktail umbrella in it called ” vacation”.  PAUSE        Now my efforts for understanding  this don’t last very long, in fact a slight tilt of the head very quickly turns into a sorrowful shaking of the head saying phrases like ” that is a total waste of some very good canvas” or ” I can fart better than that chick can sing”.

For weeks  and weeks , I’ve struggled to understand why some one would make something like this….

and expect to be taken seriously as an artist.

It’s obvious that the entertainment industry is filled with talented individuals; musicians, graphic designers ,architects, song writers, composers,  and animators.  They too once had their “stick figure” and “hot cross buns” days, but every one of them had to take that  extra leap of faith towards their passion, disregarding all chatter from haters and  family members, that told them there’s no money in the “arts”.  Consistently being a student of ones craft is very important in the development of any artist because rising to a level of professionalism while maintaining artistic integrity is what separates the true working artist from the ketchup painters.  Simply put…  Grow or Die

I have had the honor to attend high school with an amazing artist by the name of Max Rose.  I remember looking over his shoulder in class as  he would every so effortlessly draw something like  this:

Now, I did go to a high school for the visual and performing arts,therefore; it was expected that everyone had some sort of raw talent.  However it seemed like this dude came in with straight skills. At what point did this raw talent develop.  Did Mr Chubacka man from the above paining also start also with the same general raw talent????????                Pause

Mine and Max’s generation grew up on The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  It seems as though after watching the latest episode  the young Rose would create his own villans based on what he just saw.  When I did have to honor of looking through his sketch book, most of the time I saw the detailed mythological creature that would  remind me of a power rangers villan possessed by all the orcs of Mordor, well above anything I would ever see in a gaming magazine.

Fast forward 7 years, after attending Pratt Institute, a private art college in New York, Rose works as the assistant editor for  the Richard Lewis Media Group.   So you better believe that when you see his work,you will be blown away.  I just wish you could have witness the brief beginnings like I did.  Check him out.    If there was any Visual Artist that I knew was going to successfully pursue and produce unique and  high quality  art, It would be Mr. Rose.  I mean this gargoyle dude is practically what you would see on his toilet paper after  a hearty meal at  the Taco Bell by the Boston University Campus.  (Good times)


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