The Return of A Curious Notion

“Sorkin comes off the bench, and hits a home run!”

The man that changed the way that progressives look at both the White House and television melodrama returns to awaken an otherwise sedated populous, like Batman, just in time to possibly make a difference for us all.

I recently truncated my writings because of health concerns, and particularly because I felt that in this callous time that no body was really listening and after the lengthy presidential primary season, I like many, had really lost interest. This is due in part to the realization of the real impact of the citizen’s united decision, rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court on the actual democratic process, and my interpretation of most folk’s reaction to the whole sham entirely.

I noticed a few weeks ago that this new show The News Room was in the offing. I have always enjoyed the movie Broadcast News and I am a big fan of HBO. I thought after specific mention of it was given on not one but two of the Sunday morning talking head shows this week, I figured I’d give it a taste. I was hoping that it would not be Broadcast News or The West Wing and thankfully it wasn’t. To say the very least I’m hopeful. It’s too bad it wasn’t a real news organization that we can recognize!

Will this really make a difference? I don’t know the answer to that question but, again I am hopeful. It was inspiring to watch a program that has said just a few of the things that I have felt needed to be said on a national platform but, I had not taken the time to say; again because it seems that no one appears to really care and, like many others I am afraid of losing what little that I have struggled for, in possibly a vain effort to reclaim the fourth estate from it’s commercial slave masters and again hold politicians and others in power accountable for the things that they do and say. Also I don’t possess access to a national platform.

Like many of you, I have been a mute and apathetic onlooker to the reanesthetizing of the American electorate. This brief moment of evening’s entertainment was definitely a much needed breath of fresh air. I am not trying to become a television critic but, this was an inspirational moment for me. A moment that I felt the need to use to regain my own sense of “inspirato”.

There is an urgent need for this to be somewhat more than pay TV fantasy story. This upcoming week will be one of the most critical in American history. With the Supreme court again being the principle actor. What will a public release of a decision that was possibly made a couple of months ago really do to affect an administration that is on the ropes and fighting for a chance at reelection while teetering on scandal? What affect will it have on the democratic process that is awash in biased monies? What effect will it have on a confused citizenry that has yet to realize the effect of the current president’s signature legislation? If this program fails to be upheld before it is even implemented, what will be the outcome for both the people and their feelings for Congress? Should we stay tuned or should we all return to our “Sominex” filled bunkers, watch more hope filled TV and just wait for the money to start flowing again?

Sounds like the teaser to an old Saturday morning serial from days gone by right! Realize this “sports fans” all the chips are really on the line here and “guess what”, they are your chips!

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