A Curious Notion: What is the Perfect Trojan Horse?

By M. Carswell I am amazed that very few people are willing to express their displeasure, disappointment, disapproval, and disgust in a meaningful way with the unabashed willingness of some politicians to use the things that are important bulwarks of faith and patriotism to only spread the politics of disaffection, panic, fear, and xenophobia. Is … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: Money, Influence, Distraction, and Lies

By Mehesh Carswell  I’d like for us all to seriously consider what are the building blocks of confidence in the actions of one man for the nation’s future? Before we get into this, let’s start with some basic concepts. Money is a medium of exchange. It is the connective sinew of world society; it is … Continue reading

Spotlight: To Boost Small Business Credit, Think Small (Banks)

Commentary To Boost Small Business Credit, Think Small (Banks) By Scott Shane on July 09, 2012  Originally published on Bloomberg Businessweek Photograph by Bruce LeightyThe Denhart Baking Co. located in an old bank building on the town square in Washington, Ill. In the years preceding the financial crisis, big banks controlled a growing share of the small … Continue reading

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