A Curious Notion: Money, Influence, Distraction, and Lies

By Mehesh Carswell

 I’d like for us all to seriously consider what are the building blocks of confidence in the actions of one man for the nation’s future? Before we get into this, let’s start with some basic concepts.

Money is a medium of exchange. It is the connective sinew of world society; it is how lives and careers are built and the score that is kept in creation of a successful life as an adult and while a necessity it is also a highly corrosive force. Lies are falsehoods and various other forms of discontinuity with the truth or correct factual statements or actions and very addictive. Disinformation is the use of false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting or repeating of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth and is very effective. Propaganda is 1) Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. 2) The deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc. as a tactic.  3) The particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement. Spin is a distinctive point of view, emphasis, or interpretation put forward to attempt to counteract a negative statement released to the public and in the media. These are not the best actions to use but, they are commonly in regular use.

I realize that it is A Curious Notion for me to start my essay with several definitions but, I wanted to be sure that we are using the same frames of reference in crafting a lens with which to view a number of somewhat confusing actions and statements made by a contender for chief executive of our nation.

In the light of a series of continual revelations over the last two weeks a number of serious questions arise. The most direct of these being: How does a man that touts his business acumen as principle bonafides for the office of chief executive of our nation, at this critical time, when there are a number of conflicting document filings and statements concerning his principle business activities? Given the enormous complexities of upholding the integrity of chief executive of the governmental administration of our nation in it’s dealings with the other branches of government, it’s constituency and with other nations, how are we as a cogent, intelligent, and well informed electorate supposed to elect a candidate that is intentionally deflecting as much focus as possible from both his previous business background and his recent governmental experience up to and including the jewel of  his administration that was taken as the template for the national model concerning the same issue? Lastly where should one build the confidence in a candidate that appears to have contempt for any questions concerning his wealth, his finances, or the distribution of his considerable assets in multiple offshore tax shelter vehicles?

Just to question the benefit of the doubt; is it possible that this candidate is being mishandled or perhaps receiving bad advice? Is this candidate so out of touch that he cannot or will not conceive of the optics of his recent and current actions and statements in front of the nation? What characteristics should be considered in order to develop a clear and honest picture of this person, so that an intelligent decision can be attempted?

Typically one might review the policies of a previous office holder and compare and contrast between choices or contestants. It is also clear that because of the status of the national chief executive there is very little to nothing to compare it to and thus nothing that could properly prepare one for this position. The very magnitude of this position is so great that it has an actual pronounced physical effect upon every human that has held it over the last two hundred and thirty plus years. The control of the leading democracy in the western world, the guidance over the strongest economy in the world, and the leadership of the most powerful armed forces with the most destructive capabilities in the world, these are the basic structures from which an applicant for this position must frame his every inspiration, thought, word, and deed presumably, with the well being of a mere three hundred and fifty million people ever most in mind. No small feat for any human, I’d suggest. A frank consideration of the applicant’s personal character has to be a major consideration.  A chance to recognize the quality of those that they have chosen to be around this person and that aid in their decision making is also critical. Why, because “we” the citizens of this nation, are collectively choosing to focus the impact of our actions as a people through this one individual, with possibly irreversible consequences.  Ever present in our minds should be the fact that we are still dealing with the ramifications of poor decisions made about this in the recent past. I feel that it is an omen of future behavior and is a disservice to those that he wishes to serve. This is not an endorsement.  These are just a few things for my fellow countrymen to consider before November.


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