A Curious Notion: Electability and the Ability to Relate

In this edition of A Curious Notion I want to turn the tables toward you the reader, to cause you to think about what really matters to you this time. We live in a very tortured and perilous time and I am not referring to dates on the Incan calendar. We all know that times are bad and may be bad for some time to come. Our nation is confused by gigantic financial powers that want to only deepen class distinctions and will feed existing subsurface evils in order to maintain the false divisions between us all in many directions. Issues of race and sex lie just below the scant surface of the country’s psyche.   We as a nation have the collective ability to turn the corner and start to lift ourselves from our distress but, we must be clear about both what is really happening to us and what the true facts really are. An incredible effort in airtime, campaign monies, and consultant’s spin control are being exerted from all directions as never before, serving mainly to confuse an already abused and fatigued attention span of the voting populous. We have legislators that refuse to either work together and compromise for the common good, or to render assistance to the president in helping to redeem our fractured nation. We have a political system that engenders rampant career abuse. This abuse of our country and of the patience of our fellow citizen’s belief in good government has been corruptly manipulated purposefully to destroy the amount of faith we once had in our leaders. Imagine where we would be if FDR had gotten the resistance from Capitol Hill that the current president has received. How can we openly tolerate an elected official that states on day one of a new administration, in the midst of a tremendous economic downturn that his chief priority is defeat of that incoming administration, and not the welfare of the nation he has been elected by and sworn to serve? Our political process is completely awash in monies meant to corrupt your role in the system, and subvert the will of the people. Not to mention trumped up worries of voter fraud to mask voter suppression.

We the electorate have lived through the consequence, embarrassment, and pain of making poor choices in leadership of our beloved nation at every level, most recently in the previous national administration. This left us with the things that we struggle with today, a misspent surplus, unsustainable wars, a weakened military, and an economy nearly destroyed by rampant greed at the top.

To start with I must ask the most obvious question first. Do you feel that the practical aspects of the U.S. Supreme Court’s citizen’s united decision will short circuit your place in our country’s representative democracy?

Let’s look at some real items that have surfaced over the summer to see if we can relate to them. What is the likelihood that you can relate to someone that received trust fund wealth and lies about it? What is the likelihood that you can relate to $100 million in an individual retirement account? What happens when a former corporate raider gets elected as president? How do you feel about someone that spent the last twenty plus years running for office? How do you feel about someone that is wealthy and uses every conceivable tax dodge to avoid paying taxes in the land that they want to govern? How many NASCAR owners do you know? How easy is it to get away with filling tax returns from a state that you cannot prove actual residency for, in order to be elected governor there? How confident do you feel about political candidates that use military props for their campaign when, neither the candidate nor his running mate or members of their immediate families have not served in any branch of the military? How do you feel about candidates that want to eliminate government programs from you that they have benefited from in the past? Can you relate to candidates for high office that feel that questions about their wealth and taxes are “small minded” or come from a jealous mindset? How confident do you feel about a presidential candidate that does not think about “the poor”? Can you relate to someone that declares an Olympic dancing horse as a tax deduction? Can you relate to people that make reproductive laws that cannot bear a child? Can you relate to someone that says to start a business “borrow money from your parents”? How many can relate to getting money from their parents to go to college? How do you feel about candidates that would reestablish the Medicare doughnut hole as part of their “day one” agenda? Do you believe that Russia is still the greatest security threat to the United States? Considering the last decade do you feel that the top 1% of income earners need another tax cut? Where are the jobs they are supposed to be creating? Is there really more than one definition of rape? How do you feel about a candidate that stands for nothing substantial and openly lies to you at any instance without compunction?

At this point I need to apologize to my readers for the nauseating view of the current realities. I do not intend to deride a particular political party or it’s candidates but, I feel victimized by the things that I have seen and heard this spring and summer. I have tried to listen attentively and objectively analyze what is being said to me only to remain both confused and thoroughly disgusted. I would like to believe that this is not the country that I grew up in, only to wonder if it was worse in the past? We have supposedly progressed. We were all reveling at the appearance of an election that yielded a “post-racial society”. Clearly now, a lot of folks were hiding a great deal of animosity just to get on past the fact that we were dooped by a very poor administration with a special agenda.

Why aren’t we demanding better government? Why don’t we insist upon cooperation for the collective public good? Why don’t we punish obstruction in congress and greed in the financial system? Why are we still fully engaged in a war we cannot possibly win in a place historically known for the “destruction of empires”? American businesses have three trillion dollars worth of capital sitting idle when bridges are literally falling down. Someone please indicate just where the “American Exceptionalism” is in that? Ladies and gentlemen this is the tipping point. What possible positive outcome can there be if this election is misgiven or forsaken. Forget all the Kool-Aid”! Now is the time to wake up and act rationally.

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