A Curious Notion: Moments of Pause

I open this edition of A Curious Notion by asking pardon from my readers for my absence over the course of the last three weeks. I have truly been flabbergasted by the events that I have been witnessing in this country and around the world of late. This is not by way of offering excuses. It is that I have been at a loss for just what to say as my opinion of what I’m seeing. Therefore this edition will cover a few things that may at first appear not to be related.

The first aspect is international in nature. We as Americans are enduring yet another series of attacks from “Militant Islam” supposedly based upon something that we American citizens argue over all the time, the misnomer of “free speech”.

As usual let us start with the facts. The regulations of the first amendment are with regard to our government’s affects upon a citizen’s speech and are pertinent to this country and the belief system of its people. It is not an open license to say anything at anytime anywhere. The natural gravity of human outrage still applies to unpleasant or derogatory remarks from one human being to another; this is by no means an authorization for violence, destruction, and murder.

Is murder not a more offensive action than a remark to any deity to whom one professes devout piety? Are the believers of Allah really so sensitive, or is something else really going on? Where is the passionate outrage over Muslims killing Muslims all over the Middle East but, specifically in Syria? What about the differences between the seventy different sects of Islam? Is the hateful and destructive demonstration against the United States the “glue” that is being used to compel many different peoples to act as one? Why do the majority of these nations now in the midst of upheaval readily accept billions of dollars in U.S. aid every year?  I say this just as an observation but, the juxtaposition these type actions looks very suspect to Americans and will garner neither understanding nor respect. In fact, it will give rise to the opposite reaction; stiffening the wills of many not to even try to understand any of the implied outrage or its underlying offenses. Even in the deepest jihad fantasy there will not be a wholesale elimination of three hundred and fifty million people in the United States of America; and if there could be, that will not be the answer to any of the real problems that actually exist in the nations now full of the current unrest.

One of the deepest disappointments of a new democracy is that it is a messy process and it does not cure hunger or poverty, nor does it lead to jobs or instant solutions. It also does not force some people to consent to the views of others or grant the satisfaction of revenge. As a political observer and student of history it is common to note that after a people have been relieved from a totalitarian regime either through overthrow or lawful election, there is usually a power vacuum and if the affected populous is not vigilant during the transition to the government that they do want, there will always be negative political players that will attempt to force their way into power. The twentieth century is riddled with plenty of vivid examples of nefarious actors using minor slights or differences in cultures to provoke dissatisfied and disillusioned populations as a matter of distraction while all manners of evil are committed; usually in the name of God.

Now before anyone takes this moment as an opportunity to be self-righteous, jihadies [sic] are not the only ones to say purposefully misleading things to incite a people feeling economic despair. How many easily provable distortions and things that aren’t intended to be “factual statements” have been blatantly perpetrated by candidates in front of the American electorate since last fall in both the extended primaries and still today. Are we as Americans so experienced and mature in the practice of democratic elections to see through petty falsehoods and hidden agendas and provide for ourselves the type of government that we want? Surely we who have established a two century tradition of the peaceful transition of power as our source of pride and pontification to the world would not fall for the demonization of one segment of our population as basis of a campaign to be elected to govern all in our nation. There is no way possible that we in the United States of America could stand for political antics that would disenfranchise our fellow citizens preventing them from exercising their right to vote after four thousand four hundred and forty-four red-blooded Americans died invading a foreign land so that previously oppressed Iraqis could do so unfettered? There could not be anyone here that would tolerate the injection of racial and class distinctions after the fighting of a divisive civil war and two world wars with millions dead just to mislead the public and win an election here? Certainly no one here would disgrace and betray our sacred founding fathers and all who died in our fight for independence by foolishly trying to influence the sanctity of the electorate’s votes with money? Right!

Good Lord! GOD please bless America.


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