So, What’s Your Plan?: Are You Just Following The Follower?

There was a small town in which there was a jewelry store, and like all jewelry stores, or may be most jewelry stores it had a nice big clock in the store window. Every morning for years the store owner noticed a working man would stop, and adjust his pocket watch to the same time … Continue reading

Meet Our Newest Contributor: Verlyn Simpson aka The Plan Man!

So, what’s your Plan? – A New Cyndacation Blog Category Written By Verlyn Simpson My good friend Verl Simpson, is an experienced business man who has dedicated his life to making a difference for people.  His commitment to the success of the people he works with is amazing!  After 15 years of watching his evolution, I … Continue reading

So, What’s Your Plan?: Let’s Work Smarter Not Harder

Let’s Work Smarter Not Harder By Verlyn Simpson Hard work is one of the key ingredients to success. No matter how hard we work, it seems like there is never enough time (or energy) to get all the important work tasks done. Rather than working longer and harder hours, consider working more strategically – smarter, … Continue reading