Get in Action!

The Cyndacation Challenge:  Get in Action!

We here at Cyndacation believe that active involvement in society is key to creating change.  We have created this page, Get in Action!, to give you information on things you can do across this globe to take part in creating change,  charge for our world, change for our neighborhoods, change for our jobs, change for our lives.  Visit this page to learn about events in your area and online that you can easily support.

Now, I recognize that we are all busy.  Maybe you don’t have a lot of time but want to find some way you can be a part of a movement for empowered living or just a greener life.  We thought specifically about you when we created this page because all of us here have the very same challenge.  I may not be able to take part in a rally, but I can sign a petition or I can attend a trade show or a networking event.  Better yet, I can write to my congressional representative about things that are important to me.  Use this page to find out about the simple, but vital things you can do to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others.  Now, take a look below and decide what you can do today to make a difference in our world!

Power to the People Y’all!


Get to know your congressional representatives!

Click here to find out who you can write to about the things that matter to you.  Want healthier food?  Concerned about your rights?  Write your congressman.  They’re paid to listen to you.  Make your voice heard!  You know that it is because we’ve forgotten that we hold the power that we now have these ridiculous laws about women’s reproductive health?  Can you believe we have allowed this to happen?  You can stop the circus that we now call congress by letting your local representatives know what they need to focus on.  You can find out what bills are on the floor and when to write about them. You can even get access to legislation and read it for yourself.  Don’t just listen to what you read in newspapers and listen to on television.  Find out for yourself what is happening on Capitol Hill and in your state.  Take the power back and make our elected officials represent the change we’re looking for.


Your local representatives:

Lean About Congress:

Watch what’s happening on Capitol Hill with no spin.  C-Span is funded by taxpayer dollars and can only record what actually happens and asks for public opinion.  Watch them to learn about what our Representative are actually doing.:  I take periodic breaks from the cable new networks to watch C-Span so that I can make my own judgement about what congress is doing.  I’ve occasionally stumbled into surprising coverage of  key events around the world.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

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