A Curious Notion: An Avoidable Disservice

An essay By M.M.Carswell   It is both difficult and disheartening to hear of the troubles afflicting African American pundit’s tax problems on MSNBC. This is magnified in these troubling times we are in here in America 2015, a time of widespread racial ambiguity and unrest. On the one hand I want to applaud the network … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: Moments of Pause

I open this edition of A Curious Notion by asking pardon from my readers for my absence over the course of the last three weeks. I have truly been flabbergasted by the events that I have been witnessing in this country and around the world of late. This is not by way of offering excuses. … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: The Difference Between Price and Cost

Ever felt that you had been purposefully lied to, misled or manipulated? Have you ever been denied, on a bureaucratic wim, something that you thought you had a right to? Ever been tragically effected by another person’s arbitrary business decision? What if you live in Michigan and your city government is upset and nullified by … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: What is the Perfect Trojan Horse?

By M. Carswell I am amazed that very few people are willing to express their displeasure, disappointment, disapproval, and disgust in a meaningful way with the unabashed willingness of some politicians to use the things that are important bulwarks of faith and patriotism to only spread the politics of disaffection, panic, fear, and xenophobia. Is … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: Money, Influence, Distraction, and Lies

By Mehesh Carswell  I’d like for us all to seriously consider what are the building blocks of confidence in the actions of one man for the nation’s future? Before we get into this, let’s start with some basic concepts. Money is a medium of exchange. It is the connective sinew of world society; it is … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: SCOTUS With A Scrotum?

On this apparently historic day in U.S.history I, your “humble narrator” seemed to observe quite A Curious Notion. What might that be? One may be inclined to inquire. I would be compelled to respond that; “I am not sure” but, it appears somehow to be an actual human scrotum. The inquisitive may shrink back aghast … Continue reading

The Return of A Curious Notion

“Sorkin comes off the bench, and hits a home run!” The man that changed the way that progressives look at both the White House and television melodrama returns to awaken an otherwise sedated populous, like Batman, just in time to possibly make a difference for us all. I recently truncated my writings because of health … Continue reading

A Curious Notion: What is Insurance For?

An Op-Ed by Meheshnehawn Carswell Hello Readers, I have been observing the Supreme Court as a focus of national coverage this past week.  These observations cause me to bring forth a Curious Notion that I have been harboring as a question in the back of my mind for some time. That question is: What is … Continue reading

Curious Notions: An Indictment of Serial Rape

By Meheshnehawn Carswell Unfortunately I am compelled to point A Curious Notion at an active crime in progress. I know on the face of it the sound is completely alarmist but, to be in the active view of a crime being perpetrated can be horrifying, and to know that the victim is in expectation of … Continue reading

Spotlight: Melissa Harris-Perry

I want to share thoughts today about someone who has come across my radar.  She is a brilliant Tulane professor, political scientist and expert in African-American history hosting a new weekend show on a cable news outlet. Melissa Harris Perry is her name and she is my new person to watch. Want to learn about politics without … Continue reading

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